Is that you, Noah? Come, the Ark Needs You Now


Do you have a big dream for powerful positive ways to serve some of our world’s most magnificent animals? Hereʻs an idea: join us in the vision of an albatross visitor center on Kaua`i.

There’s a perfect piece of land for it, and it needs a buyer. It would require a significant stack of money, itʻs true, but the results would inspire the world. Some outcomes would be immediate. Albatross and several other species already nest there, but to safely raise their chicks, they need our protection from predators. The property we hope you will buy is called Moloa`a Bay Ranch. MBR has spectacular 360-degree views and overlooks one of the most beautiful bays in all of the Hawaiian islands. It can be purchased in parcels or as an entire unit.  Buying the whole place could allow for the creation of a visitor center, one grounded in native Hawaiian values. It could have streaming cameras for worldwide viewing, shallow ponds with native plants for waterbirds, accessible paths for wheelchairs, research projects for grad students.  It could welcome field trips from schools and care homes.  It could be the pride of local residents, and share wisdom from international indigenous cultures. It could be a respite for human weariness.  It could offer courage. It could mend broken hearts. It could provide habitat for several species of native seabirds in addition to albatross:  shearwaters, petrels and tropicbirds.  Ruddy turnstones could freely turn over stones. Highly endangered waterbirds such as nēnē (Hawaiian geese), gallinules, coots, stilts and koloa (Hawaiian ducks)&emdash;most of which are making their last stand—could also thrive.  It could also be ideal habitat for you to have a home, irrespective of whether you open it to visitors.

As the oceans rise and seabirds lose their primary nesting grounds, this could be their Ark.  If youʻve been wanting to channel your inner Noah or Noe, weʻre waiting for you.  Please buy Moloa`a Bay Ranch if you can. The birds—and the rest of the world—will reward you in ways you never imagined. Please come soon.  We need them. They need us.  Time is short.